Savor the bold taste of Northern Michigan’s finest BBQ Sauces! Our low sugar, homestyle sauces feature the legendary flavors of the north woods – tart cherry, with sweet, tangy notes that will make your mouth water, hot and smoky like you’ve been cooking over a real campfire. All of our sauces are made with the same care and intention, using only clean, non-GMO ingredients and never, ever any corn syrup.

Truly Natural Salsas

Only the finest ingredients make it into our organic pasta sauces – things like wild chanterelle mushrooms, sustainably harvested wild leeks and organic Cabernet Sauvignon. Lovers of a robust red sauce won’t be disappointed when they try Food for Thought classic marinara or any of our rich, savory sauces with the hearty, unforgettable flavors that will keep them coming back for more.

Food for Thought pasta sauces bring the home-cooked flavor of slow-simmered marinara sauce from our Northern Michigan kitchen to yours. Made from the highest quality, all natural ingredients, including chanterelles and other wild mushrooms, hand-harvested wild leeks, organic Cabernet and ripe, red tomatoes, our pasta sauces are old-fashioned comfort food that’s good enough for company.